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Our Story

Kolm Sõsarat (Three Sisters) is more than a restaurant or a catering business. Our journey is part of our family’s heritage that tells the story of many generations of farmers who have lived in harmony with nature. We have always known what is on our table, where it has grown and how it has been sedulously cooked into a meal.

For 10 years we offered food experience, inspired by our roots and origin, in different ways until in 2019 our joint dream came true and we opened our own restaurant here in Lüllemäe village in Valga County.

On the verge of the picturesque Karula Nature Park, we hold in reverence the legacy of our parents and grandparents, continuing to practise their values and skills in a contemporary way.

Our story is part of something bigger than us.

Kerti, Kadri & Triin

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