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In our childhood, it was usual that our family grew all the vegetables we needed.

Back then, none of us enjoyed weeding long furrows, watering countless plants or doing all the other tasks we were given in the garden. Now we understand that knowing the cycles of nature as well as choosing the right tasks and times for working in the garden gives us an excellent possibility to store winter reserves for our families and share the produce also with our guests. 

Spring starts at the end of February, when Kadri, the architect and designer of our garden, makes a plan for the whole year. First we sow tomato, chilli and paprika plants. When the soil has dried off, carrots, beetroots, onions, leeks, peas and beans, numerous potato cultivars and herbs are waiting for their turn. And of course, every year Kadri also plans a lush and colourful flower field around our little restaurant.

In midsummer it feels like everything is growing over our heads, weeds always spread faster than our vegetable plants grow strong stems. In this moment, one can feel desperate even as a grown-up, because weeding seems like an endless endeavour. But we know that this hard work will literally bear fruit one day. 


And in autumn, when the first vegetables have ripened and our garden matures, we are filled with joy. Our cellar looks smaller and smaller while harvesting. As we set our garden ready for the first frosty nights and winter season, we feel comforted by the knowledge that we can rest for many months and forget the garden for a while.


Yet again, as the new cycle of nature approaches, the stronger we feel the urge to take soil in our hands again.


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