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When we arrived in Lüllemäe in 2015, this little yellow wooden house in the heart of Karula Parish had already been waiting for us for a hundred years.

The cosiness and the pellucidity of the house charmed us right away.

Among the locals, the house was known as Kingsepa farm or Tormi Ossi and Leida's home. Therefore, stories about adjusting this old house to a restaurant sounded utopian to them. And so we started our project under the excited eyes of the villagers. 


Triin, who is first and foremost a heritage protection enthusiast at heart, got an opportunity to wipe the dust and muck off this marvellous and beautiful wooden house.

During the repairing process we replaced the floors and stoves that had been ravaged with age, renewed the electrical wiring, water supply and sewage systems. The rest has only been tidied or fixed, mostly with our own hands.  


Triin can tell our guests stories about the soul of the old house, as well as about the background of each detail or constructional solution.


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