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marinated filet mignon with birch salt and juniper berries · spruce tip mayonnaise · spelt crisp

brioche bun · ramson butter

bass marinated in rhubarb · first green salads and saplings · green currant vinegar & black currant oil

grilled quail drums glazed in fireweed syrup · rye waffles with quail liver & Aegopodium creme · radish

in 7-course menu


pike perch · asparagus · quince-apple wine sauce · whipped oat · sorrel

lamb sirloin · warm  nettle · roasted oyster mushroom · ramson oil

a selection of cheeses from Kolotsi & Viinamärdi Cheese Farms

in 7-course menu

lamb milk yoghurt · primrose syrup · rhubarb jam · strawberries

· there may be changes in the menu due to the availability of seasonal produce ·

Braird Season

May – June

5-course menu 59 euros/guest

7-course menu 69 eurot/guest

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