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Advent  Season' s
Gift  Box

We have combined our family's best Christmas flavoursinto this Christmas gift box, which combines the origin, being and resilience of our restaurant.


The contents of the box do not need a special temperature for storage and can be delivered with a parcel machine (the gift box is sent in double packaging).


The price of the box is 59 euros, plus the shipping cost (5 euros).


Chilli jam
Ingredients: tomato, paprika, chili, sugar, salt, garlic, vinegar


Raspberry-rose marmalade
Ingredients: raspberries, rose flowers, sugar


Honey with cranberries
Ingredients: Sadramõtsa honey, fresh cranberries


Ingredients: wheat flour, yeast, salt, herbs


Christmas sponge cake
Ingredients: spelled flour, wheat flour, sugar, dried fruits and nuts


Herbal tea
Ingredients: flowers and herbs picked from Sadramõtsa and Karula in spring and summer

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