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Catering menu

Here you can see an example menu of the cold table dishes we offer.

Each catering is created in cooperation with the customer, and the price depends on the specifics of both the menu and the event. If you want to place an inquiry or an order, feel free to contact us and we will help design a suitable menu for your event.

salty dishes

Marinated potato salad (potato, onion, oil, vinegar)
Raw buckwheat salad (raw buckwheat, dried tomatoes, smoked meat, paprika)
Salted mushroom salad (salted mushrooms, onion, pickled cucumber, sour cream)

Spelt bread
Soda bread of barley

Rye bread
Crispy bread


Yoghurt cream cheese with basil cream
Beet pesto
Carrot spread
Sheep's milk cream cheese with nuts
Lamb liver pate

Marinated herrings
Trout marinated with rhubarb
Smoked trout fillet/ sturgeon/ eel


Smoked lamb
Lamb tongue
Lamb spread (long-cooked lamb)


Mushroom flatbread
Cabbage-cheese-slab pie
Smoked meat-onion-plate pie
Tiny pies with filling


Sheep milk cheese


Sponge cake
Jellied cake on a cookie base
Pumpkin cake/carrot cake
Handmade chocolate candy

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