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The Chef' 's Gastronomical Style

In our kitchen, Kerti is the composer of flavours. Her gastronomical style is simple and consists of pure tastes.


Guests who do not set limits to the produce and their menu, letting Kerti use her imagination and creativity, can surely enjoy the best part of her gastronomy.


We highly value sustainability and food awareness, which is why we use seasonal produce mainly grown in our restaurant garden or our parents’ gardens and foraged from forests nearby. Thus, Kadri takes care of the sowing, growing and harvesting of the vegetables and herbs in our garden, and Triin raises sheep on the green Karula hills.


By virtue of our parents who are passionate gardeners, foragers and preservers, our menu includes spruce tips in early spring, boletus in autumn and quince puree in winter. During bloom season, Kerti adds edible flowers or green saplings on the plate.  


Friendship with local vegetable and animal farmers is one of the reasons why Kerti wishes to pick up the vegetables or meat in person. Our drinks menu also includes beverages, produced by small local wineries, cideries and breweries, which make the food experience even more perfect.


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