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PRICE (For 2)

  • 90 euros/night

  • 125 euros/night with breakfast


  • Lake view

  • Wide (king-size) bed

  • Silky satin bed linen

  • Warm blankets and soft pillows

  • Dry toilet

  • Parking close by

  • No shower

  • No electricity

  • Swimming possibility in the lake and the pond

  • Campfire and firewood

  • Clean drinking water in an ewer

  • Breakfast (for additional cost)

  • On-demand restaurant shuttle 


From June to September, we offer our guests the opportunity to stay in a luxurious teepee tent ashore of Karula lake, on the grasslands of Triin's sheep flock. The teepee accommodates two people.  

Plan a romantic or an adventurous summer vacation along with a food experience at our restaurant in Lüllemäe. 

If desired and the weather allows, we can serve breakfast for two (17.50 euros/person) in open air. Breakfast menu includes fresh rye and sourdough bread, farm cheese, smoked meat or ham, a selection of handmade spreads, organic eggs, fresh greens, cake or pastry, berries, coffee and tea. 

For booking please send us an inquiry here.

Photos: Piret Hanson

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