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Karula Sheep Academy

special dinner #2

Sat, april 22 at 5 pm

in Lüllemäe

Seats full!


In April, we will once more focus on local mutton. An hour before the special dinner the guests have a chance to visit Kõosaarõ Farm in Karula village and see newborn lambs of Triin’s flock with their own eyes. Afterwards Triin will escort the guests to Lüllemäe.

What age is best for cooking sheep meat​? What does the flavour of sheep meat depend on and what is the notorious “woolly taste” of mutton? What kind of lamb/mutton is most environmentally friendly? What is the history of using sheep meat for food? What kind of cuts are best for cooking for a gastronomist or a home chef?

Mats Meriste, local sheep farmer and butcher of Hallimäe Farm, located only 2 km from our restaurant, will answer all these questions. Furthermore, he will tell our guests about sustainable sheep farming and valorizing of sheep as a butcher, and share his experience in experimenting with mutton in his kitchen.
Mats will bust at least some myths or false beliefs about mutton. We will verify his words with our special menu that showcases mutton from the sheep that have gazed on the biodiverse grasslands of Karula region. 

We will serve a seven-course dinner of the flavours of Frosty season.

Our chef Kerti introduces the menu and the lady of the house Triin hosts the guests.

The special dinners are dedicated to the 30th birthday of Karula National Park.​


Visiting Kõasaarõ farm, joining the discussion and the food experience costs 79 euros/person. On spot you can order wines, self-made berry liqueurs and non-alcoholic drinks from our drink menu.

Please plan approx. 4 hours for the dinner.

The number of seats is limited – our cosy yet elegant restaurant accommodates only 10 guests at the dinner.

Please book your seat at least 72 hours in advance in the booking system DinnerBooking. Please inform us about your wish to visit Kõosaarõ Farm while making a reservation (in the comments).

Your reservation is verified upon a successful prepayment within 24 hours from your initial booking. Further instructions will be sent to you via email.


Restaurant Kolm Sõsarat is located in Lüllemäe village, Valga County (see map). A selection of the nearest accommodation service providers can be found here. Further information about sightseeing in Valga County can be found in tourism portal here.

Lamba-akadeemia Lüllemäel_edited.jpg
Karula Lamba-akadeemia

This is how we call our local unit including our chef Kerti and hostess Triin alongside with Mats Meriste, local butcher and sheep farmer of the Hallimäe Farm. Together we experiment with different cuts and cooking methods of sheep meat.

Mats Meriste_erakogu 2.jpeg
mats meriste

Mats runs Hallimäe Sheep Farm and Butchery. The main purpose of Hallimäe Farm is line breeding of Lleyn sheep and keeping a Merino flock.

In addition to breeding, the farm runs a certified organic butchery for sheep meat. All the lamb and mutton that we use in our restaurant comes from Mats’ butchery. 

Hallimäe Farm can be contacted via email:

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